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The prankster network, also known as Prank University, is a Canadian-based, anonymous prank that calls quickly. Taking advantage of the possibility of calling hotel guests directly, the pranksters pose as fire service personnel who read instructions from computer checklists to prevent explosions and gas leaks. The Smoking Gun reports that the "Rogue Net" leader Dex was responsible for calling ESPN reporter Elizabeth Moreau and persuading her to break into the Baytown Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, the site of last year's Houston Marathon bombing. In one prank, a caller pretended to be a representative of the company that installed the hotel's sprinkler system, claiming the system had to be "reset" after the fire alarm was pulled.

There was no reception, but guests were told that a doctor was on site and that previous guests had tested positive for hepatitis C. They were then told a simple urine test could determine if they were infected, according to court documents.

Smoking Gun editor William Bastone emailed Dex and provided URLs for Skype interviews on his website, as well as a link to Dex's blog.

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We do pretty much everything we can to keep anything from the computer that would lead back to the actual computer. A guest in the back of his truck behaved through our front window and into the lobby. This happened again on July 11, and he smashed a second-floor window of our hotel on the doorstep.

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P, he persuaded the employees to douse the building with fire-fighting chemicals, then go outside and take off their clothes. He eventually called other hotel guests to describe aspects of the prank, before calling police again an hour later.

In response to the waste, members of the rogue network have been harassing homes and workplaces via Skype and Beyluxe. Malik advised members to be patient: "They wouldn't pick up the phone and let us in when we least expected it.

In one interaction, a woman called to find out if her husband had arrived and was initially told he had been randomly overcharged, had sex with another man in his room and did not want to be disturbed. The veteran returned to his room, where the sound of the receptionist calling a police officer was audible to his supporters. After identifying himself with the full name of the guest, the prankster called the hotel reception claiming he was afraid to leave a pillowcase full of faeces at the reception. He told the employee that a representative of the company would like to come down with a sample of her new drink, but the receptionist locked the door, called the police, locked all the doors or both.

Markle has denied that the person described as TSG is Markle, instead claiming he is a person called the "Samoan Prankster." In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Markle denied claims that he was during the interview, instead claiming he was a "Samoan" or "joker" who goes by his real name, T.T.G. (Samoan for "Samantha" in Hawaii). Markling has denied the claims that this person is him as "TSG" in an interview, claiming instead that he was called "Samanoan" ("the Samaran") and "PRANKster" under his real name.

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