Baytown Texas Residence Inn

Virginia Williams Wingates' brain has picked up some of the businesses and places that once thrived in the Wooster area. I just remember it was a meeting place for children and the name of the owner Was Roy and that was it. Across the street was a large building called a machine shed, which housed agricultural machinery, hay and cattle. Just a few blocks away, on the corner of Main and Main Streets, Big Chief's grocery store opened.

The old cafeteria became a music room and the new cafeteria became Burnet, but the lessons had moved on. The additional classrooms were used to build what is now the Waco Community Center, a public high school for students from the area and beyond.

Today, Wooster School is still one of the most popular public schools in the city of Waco, Texas. When Moody's National Cos. completes the 16-story hotel in early 2019, we will have another high-rise in Baytown. The new hotel will serve visitors to the Texas Medical Center, which attracts more than 1.5 million visitors annually, and NRG Stadium, which is used year-round by the University of Texas Longhorns and the Texas A & M University football team.

The new Residence Inn Marriott Hotel will include four private meeting rooms with a total area of 5,000 square meters. Other new hotels in the area include the Staybridge Suites at Houston Medical Center, which opened during Super Bowl LI in February, and the Marriott Baytown Hotel and Spa at the Houston Convention Center, which opened last year. About a mile away is Houston-based Medistar Corp., which will complete its first hotel by the end of 2018. The 353-room luxury hotel will be the first of its kind in Texas and one of the largest in North America.

The Wooster Schoolhouse, the Brown - McKay House, is now owned by the Baytown Historical Preservation Association (BHPA). The now-famous Brown McKay House, located at Republic Texas Plaza, is the oldest building in the city and one of the historic buildings in Bay Town.

For his own residence, Wooster chose a plot of land on which to build a subdivision, Brownwood, where he chose the Brown McKay School House as his first residence. Wingate, who said Brown built his house on the site of the former Brown School House and donated the land and land for the school, was the first buyer.

Every time I see Burnet, Virginia said, I see a shell of a driveway encircling a large flagpole that stands in front of me. The building fascinated me because it was made of white stucco, something I had never seen before, and there was glass and brick on both sides of the front.

Swings and monkey bars were in high demand during the break, as was my favourite swipe. My favourite memory of Burnet was flocking to the auditorium to see one of my classes perform a play. Each class stood in the hall, knelt down, covered their heads with their arms and sang along. Some lucky students were given the honor of raising the flag every morning and taking it down at the end of the day.

I can't remember the name of the drugstore, but the cake the bakery created was actually a replica of the ship. I won a Lionel train in a raffle at the drugstore (I can't remember a name). My recollection of Wylie's is that it was the first of its kind in Burnet and the only one in Texas. In keeping with the yellow jacket theme, the carhops wore yellow jackets, yellow shirts and yellow hats with yellow sleeves.

Ellen Waltman Johnson told how her family always went shopping there and because they were such good customers, they got some chocolate bars behind the counter. Delia Adlong Harlan told me how she would come to school looking for a coin thrown there the night before. During World War II, Maud made clothes from printed lining bags and she made all her clothes, including the hat she wore whenever she went outside.

She cooked with a burning wood-burning stove and obtained hot water from a water reserve stove, and she used a boat to go on trips to buy sugar and flour for her and the other families.

She had two fox dogs called Slow and Slow, with which she hunted foxes and cocoons in the rice fields. If you venture into the state, you might see her with her two dogs, a fox and a cocoon, as well as her husband and two children.

I remember Glenn and Nettie's shop was right across the road from their former dental practice. I certainly wouldn't disagree with the Hurr boys, but I remember that their store was right next to the four - the Chief's big grocery store - which I remember as open, though it might not be open at the same time.

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More About Baytown