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In this series, "Must Do Things in Greater Houston," we take a look at Houston's vast array of neighborhoods and bring you a list of tempting reasons to visit and explore the beauty of nature. Among the many features is a children's playground - just a fishing hole with fishing rods, a scenic hiking trail that connects the units of Nails Creek and Birch Creek, and many hiking and biking opportunities. Located in the heart of Baytown, just a few miles north of downtown Houston, Bay Town Nature Center is home to all kinds of wildlife, including over 200 species of birds alone. The Nature Centre is the only one of its kind for birds that migrate to or stay in the area.

The park also includes Barrington Living History Farm, which rebuilt a cotton plantation from the 1850s. In addition to artifacts related to Texas heritage, the museum houses a CBS News youth shelter and a collection of artifacts from the early history of Baytown and its residents. One of our state's most beautiful parks, it marks the sites of the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Independence, a short drive north of Brenham, was initially called Coles Settlement, but was renamed in 1836 to celebrate independence from Mexico.

A Texas Department of Transportation ferry provides a convenient way to see the seaport of Galveston from Independence, a short drive north of Brenham. Today, the ferry offers a picturesque view of the Gulf of Mexico and the Bay of Texas, as well as the city of Independence and its waterfront.

If you live in Baytown, Texas, and know a little about Texas, you know you love trick cars and big, well-tricked vehicles, but the city also has some drawbacks.

Baytown Nature Center is surrounded by three bays, is located near a residential community and was destroyed by a hurricane. The complex, operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, has a boardwalk that runs through five acres of swamps. One of the museum's special features is an interactive exhibit that allows visitors to feel what it was like to catch Ryan's pitch. The total amount of water in the bay, one of the largest in Texas, is 50,000 gallons.

Finally, a funny fact about this place: Baytown is on the north side of Galveston Bay, and the levee of Texas City stretches for five miles across the bay. Finally, if you want to settle down to bypass Galvin Bay and know the place, you need to know Bay Town, Texas, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Texas. Bay Town is located in Texas State Park, north of Houston and south of Corpus Christi, but also houses a number of attractions.

If you're looking for a watery retreat away from the Baytown sun, Pirates Bay Water Park in Bay Town is perfect for you. Whether you're looking at Galveston Bay from one of the many water parks in Texas State Park, catching waves on a FlowRider or curving down a Texas slide, Pirate's Bay is your destination for summer fun.

These are just a few attractions in Baytown, but here are some of the most popular activities in and around Bay Town. Located in the heart of Galveston County, south of Houston and north of Corpus Christi, Bay Town offers an easy retreat from the hustle and bustle of downtown Houston. A wide range of restaurants, bars, shops and other attractions are available throughout the Bay Townships area.

Get off at the San Jacinto Monument and visit the Texas Battleship, or take a trip down the SanJacinto River for scenic views of the Gulf of Mexico and Texas coast.

On the Baytown Texas Activities list is the San Jacinto River Trail, a one-mile bike ride from the park to the Texas Battleship Monument.

The well-marked Lone Star Trail leads outdoor enthusiasts to the San Jacinto River Trail, where you'll find yourself blissfully alone. When it's time for some great days out in the great outdoors, head to Baytown Nature Center for a hike.

It's a little off the beaten track, but the Columbia Historical Museum in West Columbia is worth the effort if you're interested in Texas history. You can be escorted to any of the houses and buildings that are accessible to the museum and explore the historic site where you can dock for a free tour of Colombia's historic buildings and sites.

Geocachers can purchase a free GeoTour pass, which can be filled out at the Texas Department of Public Safety office in Baytown, Texas. They will tell you in advance that they can offer a truck service for motor vehicles in Bay Town Texas. You must appreciate your truck as much as we do, but at this Bay Town Texas location we do not currently provide semitrailer services for cars, trucks, motorcycles or other vehicles.

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